Lapis Lazuli Pendant

Buy a lapis lazuli pendant

Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries, and it has always been so. A necklace or pendant can be given a lot of meaning, and it is an easy to wear piece of jewelry that will remind you of a loved one or a moment in their life. Some people are fond of designs with the astrological sign, the heart, or engraved with the first name or initials.

Giving a pendant made of natural stones is perhaps even more valuable since it conveys the desire to reach out to others and help them to achieve their goals or to pursue their path in a process of personal development.

Lapis lazuli properties

Semi-precious stones such as tiger's eye, amazonite, labradorite, or lapis lazuli have indeed many virtues for the body and mind. The blue stone around which a legend was built in Ancient Egypt at the time of the kings and gods has indeed properties concerning the unblocking of the chakras, in particular the 5th, the throat and the third eye.

The lapis stone is also used in lithotherapy because it facilitates communication and helps to have better relationships in friendships, more honest, and in love. Finally, this mineral is worn around the neck or on the finger because it brings clairvoyance and better decision-making in difficult situations. It can be worn as an amulet for protection against the evil eye as well.

What size for a lapis lazuli pendant ?

Like the choice of a lapis lazuli necklace, wearing a lapis lazuli pendant for man or woman is not a random choice. We must indeed take into account the tastes and colors, but also the morphology of each.

A large stone will be more suitable for someone with a long chain going down to the neckline, while a small stone will be more suitable for women with a thinner neck and a smaller stature.

Regarding the color of lapis lazuli, it is ultramarine blue but the shades can vary since the raw lapis lazuli can have golden reflections of pyrite which are not gold contrary to popular belief but the chemical origin of the natural stone which results in a beautiful pearl.

A necklace with other stones with magical powers or symbols


You can of course associate another esoteric symbol with your jewelry. Choose for example a tree of life pendant, a Buddha pendant if you like Hindu culture, or a fatma's hand pendant if you have spiritual beliefs. The skull and crossbones pendant is more for bikers but it will not clash with the color of the lapilazuli since we find this kind of signs associated with ultramarine blue on men's bracelets for example.

Finally, note that our pendants are offered alone or sometimes with a gold, silver or steel chain, depending on the model, in order to have a complete set of jewelry if you opt for other jewels on the store such as the lapis lazuli ring, the earrings or the lapis lazuli bracelet.

Maintenance of the lapis lazuli pendant

Whatever the form of the talisman or totem you will wear with the natural stone, it will need to be cleaned and recharged so that it retains all its virtues and benefits in addition to its brilliance and its original color.