Lapis Lazuli Bracelet Mens and Womens

The lapis lazuli bracelet is much more than a simple piece of fashion jewelry despite its recognizable blue color, and not to be confused with the tiger's eye of the same hue.

Why wear a lapis lazuli bracelet?

Wearing a bracelet made of lapis lazuli stone allows you to feel accompanied in a process of personal development in harmony and connection with yourself and others. Thus the blue mineral worn on the wrist has effects on the relationship with others in terms of behavior, clairvoyance, benevolence, and empathy. In love and friendship, you will have more open, sincere, and honest relationships if you wear a genuine lapis lazuli bracelet.

The design of the jewelry may vary (silver, gold, with or without string, braided, with a Buddhist charm, but the result will be the same and so will the effects.

How to choose a lapis lazuli bracelet?

There is a wide variety of jewelry that showcase and highlight this pearl and semi-precious stones. Thus we find models adapted to all wrists, to all morphologies, to all tastes, and to each sex even if most bracelets are unisex. The closures are to everyone's taste with a string, an elastic, a cord, or a metal clasp if the jewel is more imposing, this is particularly the case of jewelry that combines semi-precious stones and a chain or a gold or silver bracelet.

The lapis lazuli bracelet for men will often be complemented by motifs in the effigy of virile and fighting animals. This is how we find men's jewelry with the famous ultramarine blue stone and a lion, a tiger, a skull and crossbones for the most gothic among you, a gladiator helmet for example. The natural stone is sometimes larger while the models of the opposite sex are smaller.

The women's lapis lazuli bracelet is thinner in general and it comes in bohemian with colored braids of several levels, or in Tibetan bracelet (mala) although this model is also prized by boys to keep away the evil eye and open the chakras as a kind of talisman!

Lapis Lazuli properties

This blue treasure from Afghanistan, which is the subject of a real legend in Ancient Egypt at the time of the Kings, has a whole lot of health and physical benefits.

For example, the lapis lazuli stone allows all that concerns respiratory affections and all that gravitates around this physical concern which can sometimes be chronic. Indeed, sneezing, bronchitis, burns in the pharynx are relieved by lapis lazuli, and therefore, asthmatics can wear lapilazuli jewelry to get better.

Sleeping with lapis lazuli

Thyroid gland dysfunctions are also positively treated by this natural stone as well as migraines if one makes the choice to sleep with lapis lazuli for example. The jewel can also be used to find a restful sleep and not to make more nightmares if it is your case.

In any case, do not forget to clean your lapis lazuli bracelet and to recharge it when it has lost some of its properties and the effects are lesser.

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