Lapis Lazuli uses and properties

Lapis Lazuli uses and properties

Endocrine glands

Lapis lazuli stimulates and rebalances the functioning of all endocrine glands, the glands that are responsible for adding the right amount of hormones to the blood at the right time.

In other words, lapis lazuli plays a big role in our conscious, and especially unconscious, actions and reactions.

The thyroid, as well as the reproductive organs, thymus and lymph glands are under the direct influence of lapis lazuli. The stone ensures that the hormones secreted by these glands reach the blood vessels directly and without obstacles.

The thymus

Wearing a lapis lazuli on the end of a gold chain on the thymus gives it a "new" life. The wearer's sense of well-being will increase.



Clients with thyroid problems would do well to wear a necklace with lapis lazuli beads around their neck. They will quickly see the problems disappear because the thyroid is restored to its original state.

It is recommended that clients who have already had thyroid surgery regularly coat the operated area with lapis lazuli oil and regularly place such a stone on the area.

Lapis lazuli powder

There is also a possibility, which we have never discussed about other stones, which can be useful in some cases. In case of serious symptoms related to the hormonal balance of the client, taking lapis lazuli powder can be useful. For three days, once a day, the client will take a small knife point of lapis lazuli powder in a glass of water. One to two weeks later, the hormonal balance will be restored.

Make sure that the lapis lazuli used for this purpose has not been artificially colored and that it comes from Afghanistan. Lapis lazuli from other countries does not have the vibrancy we need when using the stone for this purpose, and colored lapis lazuli is not usable for us at all.

To avoid any problems, never give more lapis lazuli powder than what is indicated above.

In case of less serious hormonal imbalance, lapis lazuli elixir can of course also be used. The patient should then take three drops in a glass of mineral water three times a day for a long period of time.

lapis lazuli uses
Eye Infection

If a client is suffering from an eye infection, lapis lazuli can be of great help. It can also be used in this way in case of a stye on the eyelid.

A lapis lazuli is placed in a glass of pure, warm mineral water for half an hour, preferably during the day in the light (of the sun). Afterwards, the eyes are cleaned with the water and the problem will soon disappear.
Lapis lazuli has this cleansing effect on problems that are directly around the eye area.

Ingrown toenails, baby teeth

Ingrown toenails, as well as baby teeth that are having trouble breaking through, can also be treated in this way without the need for stones.

Bone growth

A lapis lazuli stone placed on the third chakra helps the bones grow faster or takes away the painful aspect of that growth.

But since it is usually difficult to keep children lying on the treatment table for 30 minutes, a stone placed on the third chakra will also do the trick.

Gold or silver

Regarding the support of lapis lazuli: it is a stone with great radiance and it would be a mistake to place lapis lazuli in silver or to hang it on a silver chain. It would be a kind of insult to the stone. But again, thanks to its powerful radiance, therapeutically there is no contraindication to wearing this stone in or on silver.


Headaches of nervous origin

Headaches of nervous origin are also a field of action for lapis lazuli. For this purpose, first prepare some lapis lazuli oil. Then slowly massage the forehead, paying particular attention to the base of the nose and the temples.

Massage the temples by slowly making small circles in the following technique: draw a spiral that starts with circles around the temples and gradually moves towards the center, then a spiral that moves away from the center again in circular movements to the outer edge of the temples.

Work in this way even if the client indicates that the headaches are not in that area.
After the massage, place a lapis lazuli on the 6th chakra for 30 minutes.
The headaches will disappear, but not if it is a migraine attack, because in this case there is another cause for the symptom.

Always ask the client what kind of headache it is, as a migraine caused by nervousness can still be treated with lapis lazuli oil.

In the case of headaches that recur regularly, give your client lapis lazuli elixir. He will take one to three drops when he feels the headaches coming on.

Since headaches and hormones can be related, you are killing two birds with one stone. The headache goes away and the body's hormonal functioning changes to some degree, which can also make the headache go away.

If during the headache the client's temperature rises a little, especially in the face, give him lapis lazuli blue elixir and also irradiate him with this light during the treatment.

Often people ask if it is bad to take an aspirin during a headache attack. No, it does not hurt. Aspirin dilutes the blood a little and moderates the pain. The way the vibration of lapis lazuli works has nothing to do with thinner blood or the level of pain perception. The two work on totally different levels.
lapis lazuli uses

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a disease that is accompanied by progressive degeneration.
It is a chronic disease of the central nervous system, where hardening occurs in various parts of the brain and spinal cord.

The symptoms of this disease depend strongly on where these hardenings are located in the nervous system. This is one of the reasons why the symptoms at the beginning are vague and unclear, and why they are often dismissed with terms such as psychic, neurotic or hysterical.
The first symptoms appear in young adults, between the ages of twenty and forty.

The hardening can block the motor nerve pathways as well as the sensitive and sensory nerve pathways, resulting in movement and sensation disorders, but also in abnormalities such as loss of vision, double vision and involuntary eye movements (= nystagmus).
If the sclerotic plaques are located in the cerebellum, speech or other coordination disorders may occur.

The disease has a progressive character, which means that the symptoms increase slowly.
But the period over which the disease develops can differ from patient to patient by several decades.
Sometimes the chronic progression is interrupted by acute phases, with the overall feeling of being ill.
Usually the symptoms have increased after such an acute phase.

When the disease progresses, one would expect depressive moods, but the opposite is observed: a good mood (euphoria) incomprehensible in view of the seriousness of the situation.
With time, contractions and incontinence appear.
Death usually follows, due to additional infections.
There are mild forms of MS where the disease is limited to a few of the symptoms described above without the disease developing further.

An expensive but relatively effective treatment can be used here.

A gold plate (preferably pure gold, e.g. 1 gram gold plates that can be ordered from the bank) is placed on each chakra, except the first and seventh, for 60 minutes. A lapis lazuli is placed on each gold plate and this treatment is repeated three times a week with an interval of one day each time. For example Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but other combinations can also be considered. The stones should be placed during the day, over a period of two weeks, from the new moon to the full moon.

In addition, the patient is massaged with lapis lazuli oil before and after each stone placement, gently but with great spiritual power. He must also take seven drops of lapis lazuli elixir in mineral water three times a day.
After two weeks, the MS client's condition will improve.

For financial reasons, it may be advisable to ask the client to purchase the gold platelets from the bank, especially since at the end of a successful treatment, the platelets will be completely depleted of energy.

The effect of the gold/lapis lazuli combination can be further enhanced by passing a pointed rock crystal along the chakras on which the stones are placed. Hold the rock crystal for one minute over each chakra.
An hour may seem like a long time to treat such a client, but with soft music, it is perfectly feasible for both parties.

If you use the rock crystal, always point it at the client.
After the treatment, make sure you are well grounded, then shower and clean yourself well.


Never promise a client that you will heal him or her, because the moment you make such a promise, you are taking away part of the client's responsibility for his or her healing process.

The client places the responsibility on you, but in the end, it is still the person with the disease who can work on his or her healing process. You can only be an instrument that stabilizes the energy, with or without the help of the instruments at your disposal.

Pain in the joints

In the case of joint pain, lapis lazuli can also be of great help. These pains can be very painful for the client. To combat them, the following stone placement can be done:

  • rock crystals towards the hands
  • at each corner of the treatment table, an agate plate
  • under the feet a smoky quartz and a rose quartz (male/female)
  • under the 1st chakra and above the 7th chakra, a rock crystal with the point upwards
  • on the 2nd chakra, a red jasper
  • above, below and on each side of the affected joint, a lapis lazuli.

If several joints are affected, it is recommended to treat only one at a time, because during the placement of the stones many toxins are released which must be destroyed by the body (by the liver).
Irradiate the joint with blue light.
After placing the stones, rub the painful joint with lapis lazuli oil.

This treatment takes about 45 minutes. Then give the client a bottle of lapis lazuli elixir to take home. Twice a day, the client should drink a cup of solidago tea (= goldenrod) in which 15 drops of lapis lazuli elixir have been dissolved.

After about five days, the pain in the joint will have disappeared and the body will have eliminated the toxins. After these five days, you should not drink solidago tea for a week.
After that, the treatment can be repeated on another painful joint.

Throat and tonsils

All problems related to the lungs, throat and tonsils can be treated with lapis lazuli.

To free the tonsils or throat from inflammatory or painful processes, it is recommended to prepare a gargle solution containing:

  • a cup of licorice tea, in which are dissolved
  • two teaspoons of bee honey (cold crystallized). Let it cool, then add
  • 10 drops of lapis lazuli elixir.

(The therapist should check beforehand that the client does not have too high a blood pressure, as licorice raises the pressure).

During the day, gargle regularly with this solution, then swallow it.
If the problem persists for more than three days, send the client to the doctor.


To treat the lungs, regularly rub the front and back of the body, on both sides, in the area of the lungs, with lapis lazuli oil that has been heated in the hands. After that, keep the skin warm.
For this treatment, the same rule applies as for the previous one: if the symptoms persist after three days, send the client to the doctor.


For clients suffering from arteriosclerosis, it is recommended to take five drops of lapis lazuli elixir three times a day, and to regularly massage the affected areas with lapis lazuli oil.
Do not forget to give people suffering from this disease a responsible and natural diet.

After a heart problem

Clients recovering from angina or stroke would do well to wear a lapis lazuli at the 4th chakra (the heart chakra) and regularly rub the heart area with lapis lazuli oil.

Insect bites

If insects become too invasive and bite, the painful area can be treated by immediately putting lapis lazuli elixir on it. The pain, itching and swelling will disappear almost immediately.

Cancer prevention

People who are at increased risk of developing cancer because of their lifestyle or mental state can avoid a lot of discomfort with preventive treatment.
First of all, the client must change his or her lifestyle, in particular avoid meat and coffee, and not smoke. He should no longer use artificial colors and odors, and avoid sugars.

As far as the mental state is concerned, one must develop a "lighter" outlook on life. The awareness must be present that life is not a punishment and that one can enjoy its magnificence without carrying the worries of half the world.

Lapis lazuli can be a means of prevention if one takes a drop of elixir in a glass of water three times a day.
Afterwards, it is recommended to take 1'000 mg. of vitamin C per day, preferably at breakfast.


Massage against stress

Stress factors can be combated very well by receiving a relaxing massage with lapis lazuli oil on a fairly regular basis.

Personal development

Clients who want to work on their personal development can be advised to regularly place a lapis lazuli on their 6th chakra.
But remember to specify that if the stone is used for this purpose, it should not be placed on this point for more than 30 minutes.

If one uses this stone on this chakra for a longer period of time, one can be confronted with a certain dependence and in case of long term use, no longer be inclined to perceive the "earthly" things as they are.

In short, an artificial increase in consciousness will be achieved, but since an intermediate stage in self-development will be missing, one will not be able to return to the lower level at which we human beings also exist.

The therapist would do well to feel the completeness of lapis lazuli once and channel what this stone can mean to him/her, but beware that the power of this stone can be addictive.

Do not be fooled by the "gold" in this stone, for this "gold" is nothing more than one of the appearances of iron, which belongs to Mars, and therefore gives strength at an unexpected and camouflaged moment.

Entering the client's world

If a therapist wishes to feel the world in which his client lives, he can do the following: during the consultation, give the client a lapis lazuli which he will hold in his right hand, while the therapist holds a lapis lazuli of equivalent quality in his left hand.

After a few minutes, the therapist will notice that the client becomes like an open book to him emotionally, and understands all the words that are not being expressed.


Lapis lazuli comes in many shades of color and generally speaking the darker stones are more popular than the lighter ones.
But don't forget that when a stone has "value", imitations appear on the market, and this is also the case for lapis lazuli.
The most beautiful colors and superior qualities are sold by the carat (0.2 grams) and a beautiful stone quickly becomes more expensive than its weight in gold.

So beware of imitations, reconstituted and/or dyed stones.

It is recommended to buy stones from a trusted dealer!


Lapis lazuli is found in Afghanistan, Chile, and Burma, among other places.
The best quality lapis lazuli is found in the Hindu Kush mountain range in Afghanistan along the Amu Darya river.

Energy correspondences

Astrologically, this stone is particularly suitable for Virgo and Sagittarius, but any sign of the zodiac can find "healing" in this very special stone.

  • Key: G#, A.
  • Chakras: 6.
  • Basic energy charge: cleansing, building.
  • Element : fire, earth.
  • Color vibrations: yellow, green, blue, violet, white, ultraviolet.

Lapis Lazuli Affirmation

Affirmation : "I seek my truths by exploring my own experiences".


In a meditative state, lapis lazuli can take us back to the unique point where the Cosmos, the Earth and the sky were still one, the point where space and time were not yet present but where everything was already present.

In a meditative state, lapis lazuli releases the positive forces that are too often hidden within us, breaking through all sorts of blocks, fears and prejudices.
By this we can see that prejudices lead to fears, among which the fear of living, and ultimately to blockages that dominate us.

This stone helps us to face all the things we have been avoiding, consciously or unconsciously. And by letting these things into our total being, we reinforce the need for truth, for having a unique pattern and experience, but from a base of pure intention.

Lapis lazuli offers us its friendship, a unique and full feeling, and as the bearer of this stone we can transmit this friendship to all people in our environment for the happiness and healing of the world.


It is advisable to unload the lapis lazuli every week on hematite, preferably at night.
To load it, put the stone for a day, preferably on Friday, in the light (of the Sun) and then one night on a group of rock crystals.

Lapis lazuli is sensitive to strong substances and perfumes, these should not be put in contact with this stone.