How to cleanse lapis lazuli ?

How to cleanse lapis lazuli ?

Like all healing minerals, lapis lazuli needs to be regularly purified and recharged to continue to bring you its benefits. Here are some tips on how to successfully purify and recharge your "azure stones".

Cleansing your stone allows it to get rid of negative energies potentially absorbed while you were using it. This accumulation can occur both when you wear the stone and when you place it on yourself during a lithotherapy session.

How to purify lapis lazuli

How to purify lapis lazuli ?

To purify your lapis lazuli and free it from this accumulated energy, immerse it in a large bowl of water and let it soak overnight. Simple tap water is fine, otherwise use distilled water. Make sure the container is made of a natural material, preferably glass, and not plastic. Be careful never to use salt or salt water. This will damage the stone.

How to charge lapis lazuli ?

To recharge your stone, you can simply place your lapis in natural light. However, be sure to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. Moonlight is the most recommended.

You can also recharge your lapis lazuli with a cluster of quartz. To do this, place it inside an amethyst geode. This method is very respectful of the stone and has the added advantage of purifying and recharging it at the same time.